Your SuCcess KIT – Starts Wednesday 6 March 2024


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Wednesday 6 March 2024 @1900 – 2100

This is a certificated Zoom workshop and is 4 sessions held over 4 weeks. The dates of this workshop are 6, 13, 27 March and finally 3 April. Please note there is no workshop on 20 March!

Delivered by Mick Knowles from KIT

If you want to develop your Client Centred Learning skills and knowledge of the competencies of the SC/Part 3, from the comfort of your own home, then look no further.

This is an online course spread over 4 consecutive Thursdays.

Your SuCcess KIT is a four-module course that looks at the 5 main reasons why ADIs and PDIs fail their Standards Check or Part 3. We take an in-depth look at the 5 competencies. Explain what they mean, how they fit into the SC/P3, where they link into other competencies and how you can ensure that they are covered in your sessions, not just the SC/P3 but every session you carry out!

Week 1. Was the lesson plan adapted, when appropriate, to help the pupil work towards their learning goals?

Week 2. Was the teaching style suited to the pupil’s learning style and current ability?

Week 3. Was the pupil encouraged to analyse problems and take responsibility for their learning?

Week 4. Was the pupil given appropriate and timely feedback during the session and Was sufficient feedback given to help the pupil understand any potential safety critical incidents?

The workshop will be held on 6, 13, 27 March and finally 3 April 2024 @1900 – 2100.


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