Fully Integrated PDI Training Package

Our Fully integrated PDI Training Package is available NOW

Are you a PDI Trainer looking for the ultimate PDI Training Package to deliver to your PDIs?

Do you want a PDI Training Package that is fully integrated, enabling you to deliver Part 1, 2 and 3 training at the same time, rather than one after the other?

Do you want a PDI Training Package that comes complete with Trainers Guidance Notes, PDI Workbook, DVSA recommended PDI reading material, videos, and training support from the highly experienced Knowledgeablee Instructor Training Team?

Do you want a PDI Training Package which matches the DVSA National Standard for Driver Rider Training?

If the answer is yes, then we can help you.

Our fully integrated PDI Training Package delivers all the above and more.

It will take the PDI deeper in the learning process than other products, meaning the deeper learning and understanding they gain from this package will give them a better chance of passing the 3 qualifying tests and will help them become the best ADI that they can be!

This package is different to many others on the market, in the fact that it is aimed at delivering training around all three parts of the qualifying process at the same time. This means that the PDI will understand where, how and why each part supports the other, they will gain deeper knowledge from this style of learning and it is not disjointed.

They are in the instructor’s seat from the very first lesson, meaning there is no drop in their motivation whilst waiting for the next part of the training to commence. The PDI will be able to reflect on each element as they work through the PDI Workbook, in their reflective logs which can be found at the end of each module.

The training package is designed to give the PDI time between sessions to reflect and develop previously learnt skills, putting them in to practice themselves ready for their next training session. It is also a goal-focused package rather than the traditional and outdated fault-focused style. Meaning that the sessions are delivered in a non-judgemental style and one that helps the PDI achieve their goal every session.

It can also however be adapted, quite simply to an intensive training package or one for those PDIs that have already passed Part 1 and or 2 of their qualifying process.

At present this package is only available to those trainers who have attended a Train the Trainer (TTT) Workshop specializing in a fully integrated or blended style of training and delivered training of this style in the past. We are working on designing our own TTT at the moment and this will be available in the near future.

If you would like more information or you believe you have the prior experience to deliver this package to your PDIs please contact mick@adikit.co.uk