Skills for Coaching

This is a Zoom workshop and is 4 sessions held over 4 weeks.

If you want to develop your coaching and Client Centred Learning skills from the comfort of your own home, then look no further. This four-module course will introduce coaching to you and help you to understand the purpose of coaching, explore coaching vs client-centred learning, take a look at where instruction fits into coaching and develop skills and techniques to help you to develop your coaching skills and deliver great Client Centred lessons.

Over the four modules, you will begin to understand When and Why to coach and what coaching really is. How to use different coaching approaches effectively and efficiently to help your pupils develop holistically. The course will help you to understand where Coaching fits into Client Centred Learning and why DVSA use the term CCL rather than coaching. We take a look also at Instruction and coaching. Where the two paths meet, and when instruction is essential to client-centred learning.

Ultimately at the end of the four-module workshop, you should have the knowledge and understanding, as well as teaching tools to help you to begin Delivering great CCL lessons to your pupils to help you to develop your pupils’ own ability to evaluate and self-evaluate. Skills that will keep them safer on the roads post-test.


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