Edge-CCeLence In-Car Coaching

Edge-CCeLence In-Car Coaching

Knowledgeablee Instructor Trainings 2 Day in-car coaching workshop is designed to give you the ‘EDGE’ in coaching drivers. This two-day workshop will give you an understanding of different coaching models and how to apply them to help your pupils to become more aware, problem-solving drivers and more self-aware to address the factors that will impact them as drivers post-test.

Both days will include a mixture of knowledge development and practical experience in-car. In addition, you will receive our ‘Coaching PAC’ designed to help you gain the knowledge you need and understand the skills you will develop to make your plans and ensure that you implement the learning into your lessons beyond the course.

If you want to develop your understanding of coaching techniques and models whilst also gaining in-car experiences and seeing coaching skills in action to ensure you gain the EDGE in learning…

Book on to this EDGE-CCeLence in Coaching workshop.

What the course covers

How we learn

Coaching models that address the ‘Being’ and the ‘Doing’.

Scaling model to enable the pupil to evaluate the ‘Doing’.

Coaching relationships and how to develop them.

Adapting your teaching style to pupils’ learning styles

Goals for driver education

Contributory factors in collisions

Coaching questions to address the ‘Being’ and the ‘Doing’.

Coaching techniques and managing risk on the move

Scaling model to enable the pupil to evaluate the ‘Being’.

CCL v Instruction

Development plans to ensure your success.

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