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Welcome to Knowledgablee Instructor Training

The Award winning Knowledgeablee Instructor Training Ltd is owned and run by Mick Knowles and Lee Jowett, with over of 20 years of Driving Instructor courses, training & Development behind us.

Founded in April 2022, Knowledgeablee Instructor Training Ltd was voted CPD Provider of the Year 2023 at the GoRoadie Awards and shorlisted in the Intelligent Instructor Awards 2023.

Over the combined 20+ years we have amassed 1000’s of hours of CPD ensuring that we are at the top of our profession. We now feel that it is time to give back and support other ADI’s and PDI’s in their development via our online and in person workshops & Driving Instructor Courses.


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Part 3/Standards Check

If you worry about your Standards Check or Part 3 Test, we can help you with our Standards Check Workshop. If you would like to a more in-depth understanding of the 17 competencies that make up a Standards Check, we can help you with our Standards Check Training.

Develop Your Skill Set

Our Standards Check Workshop will help you develop your current skill set as a Driving Instructor so that you gain more knowledge and therefore improve your Standards Check result & helping you become a more successful Driving Instructor.

Influence learner drivers

As a driving instructor, If you like to move away from fault-focused training and really understand how dealing with emotions and beliefs can influence a learner driver more than fault focussed training, we can help you with our Standards Check Training Workshop.